Rob Cosgrove is percussionist with a practice focused on experimental music and collaborative projects. Seen in performances from EMPAC to Carnegie Hall, his recent work focuses on creating immersive experiences through use of digital/analog electronics, amplification and spatialization. Rob is currently a doctoral candidate at SUNY Stony Brook with Eduardo Leandro.

Recent works

mud vines (2019 - in progress)

composition for decomposed analog electronics

coat (2018)

composition for laptops and guitar wire

written for SynthBeats

flickering (2018)

performance installation for contact microphones and fabric

collaboration with Takafumi Ide

ghost (2017)

composition for snare drum, sine tone, and fabric

premiered at Bread & Salt, San Diego, CA

Threat Pieces (2017)

performance installation for feedback and drums

collaboration with Daniel Meyer-O’Keeffe

Selected repertoire

Ablinger, Peter. Conceptio

Aperghis, Georges. Les guetteurs des sons

Berio, Luciano. Linea

Billone, Pierluigi. Mani.De Leonardis

Cage, John. One4

Chin, Unsuk. Graffiti

Fure, Ashley. Shiver Lung II

Gordon, Michael. Timber

Hurel, Philippe. Loops II

Hennies, Sarah. Psalms 2 & 3

Lachenmann, Helmut. Mouvement

Leroux, Philippe. Les uns

Lou, Michelle. seashells

Lucier, Alvin. Silver Streetcar for the Orchestra

Lucier, Alvin. Sizzles

Meadowcroft, Thomas. Cradles

Marino, Jessie. Ritual I :: Commitment :: BiiM

Miki, Minoru: Time for Marimba

Rodney Bennett, Richard. After Syrinx II

Saariaho, Kaija. Six Japanese Gardens

Sargent, Matt. Second Illumination

Saunders Smith, Stuart. Links I

Saunders Smith, Stuart. Home of the Brave

Sueyoshi, Yasuo. Mirage

Suzuki, Hideaki. Mokurei

Szlavnics, Chiyoko. her teeth were white

Tenney, James. Rune

Xenakis, Iannis. Rebonds a, b

Xenakis, Iannis. Persephassa

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Contact at robertfcosgrove (at) gmail (dot) com